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Near-term Opportunities for Biorefineries

October 11-12, 2010
I-Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign, Illinois

As the corn starch to biofuels industry matures and the Renewable Fuels Standards evolve, technologies have emerged that improve biofuel production efficiency, reduce water use, and reduce carbon footprint. University of Illinois researchers and ethanol industry representatives will discuss research aimed at improving efficiency, meeting RFS2 requirements, and increasing profits through value-added co-products.

Learn about bolt-on technologies and options that corn ethanol production plants can add to current infrastructure for increasing ethanol production and co-product value.


October 11, 2010

Time Topic Speaker
8:30 AM Welcome   
Dr. Ravi Iyer, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Illinois
Dr. Robert Hauser, Dean, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Jozef Kokini, Associate Dean for Research , College of ACES
Dr. Hans Blaschek, Director, Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research
9:05 AM Setting the Stage for the Current Situation   
CABER Steering Committee Perspective Kristy Moore, CABER Steering Committee Member
Reducing Water Consumption in Dry-Grind Ethanol Manufacture Kishore Rajagopalan, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
Productivity and Resource Efficiency Trends of Corn Production Rod Weinzierl, Illinois Corn Marketing Board
10:20 AM Break  
10:50 AM Challenges in Meeting the 20% Reductions in GHG Emissions Required for Expansion  
Co-generation – Biomass for heat/electricity Gary Reed, Eastern Illinois University
Corn Fractionation for Ethanol Production Vijay Singh, University of Illinois, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Granular Starch Hydrolysis (GSHE) for Conversion of Grains to Ethanol  Hans Foerster, Genencor
12:00 PM Lunch and presentation: The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be Doug Faulkner, Leatherstocking LLC
1:30 PM Corn Starch Ethanol: Meeting Performance Standards of an Advanced Biofuel  
Need for Pilot and Demonstration Scale-up: Policy and Technology at a Crossroads  John Caupert, National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center
Corn Ethanol & Higher Value Co-Products and Corn oil Recovery Robert Moreau, USDA, ARS, Eastern Regional Research Center
Commercialization of Biobutanol Nat Harrison, TetraVitae
2:50 PM Break  
3:25 PM The Cellulosic Biorefinery Bob Randle, Genera Energy LLC
4:00 PM Overview of the Day Seth Snyder, Argonne National Laboratory
4:10 PM Introduction of Professional Science Master's Degree Students & Graduate Students  
4:20 PM Poster Session & Social  
5:30 PM Dinner - Presentation: Analytic Issues and Policy Prescriptions for the Ethanol Industry Roger Conway, Growth Energy
7:30 PM Adjourn for the Evening  

October 12, 2010

Time Topic Speaker
8:00 AM University of Illinois, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Capabilities   
Growing America's Fuel-Dedicated Energy Crops D.K. Lee, Crop Sciences
Economy of Scale for Biomass Refineries Steve Eckhoff, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Membrane Filtration and Heat Transfer Fouling Kent Rausch, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Feeding DDGS to Pigs Hans H. Stein, Animal Sciences
Deconstruction of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Production of Biofuels Hao Feng, Food Science & Human Nutrition
8:55 AM Panel: Innovations to Maximize Plant Profitability and Minimize Carbon Footprint of Corn Ethanol  
Co-dependency: The Interactions between Agriculture and Ethanol Beth Calabotta, Monsanto  
Storage and Processing of Corn Stover; Eastern Iowa Mid-Scale Trials: Practical Considerations Mike Cecava, ADM
9:40 AM Challenges to Biochemical Conversion of Cellulosic Feedstocks to Fuels and Chemicals Mike Cotta, USDA, ARS, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research
10:00 AM Break  
10:20 AM News from Corn Ethanol: Energy Use, Co-Products, and Land Use Steffen Mueller, University of Illinois at Chicago
10:50 AM Biofuel Policy and Market Implications Seth Meyer, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI), University of Missouri
11:15 AM Commercialization Panel: What's On the Horizon?  
Commercialization Nathan Hoffmann, Office of Technology Management, University of Illinois
Commercialization Jim Keating, Illinois Ventures LLC
11:45 AM Lunch - Presentation: Congressional Perspective Kevin Johnson, U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson (R-IL)
1:15 PM Life-cycle GHG Emission Impacts of Biofuels Michael Wang, Argonne National Laboratory
Presentation pending publication
2:00 PM Next Steps, Closing Comments Seth Snyder, Argonne National Laboratory
2:30 PM Adjourn   Hans Blaschek, Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research, University of Illinois

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For more information, contact:
Natalie Bosecker, CABER, natalieb@illinois.edu, 217-244-9273.

Preliminary Agenda (pdf) updated 10/5/10

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